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AMAZING. I feel physically better already, I noticed an immediate difference

Richard Kissick

Very good massage machine to relax the muscle. I always having problems on my legs, had always free sour. This machine definitely works very well. I feel so relax after use it.


Cool Design, Deep Relaxation

Don Lawson

Works great compared to other ones I've used! It carries a good charge and is able to maintain massaging power when targeting areas. I've noticed cheaper massagers slow down if you press hard on a target area, but this one doesn't. Also, I found the changeable heads to be great for different areas -- there are lots to choose from! I find the pronged head does a good job of getting deep into the tissue. Definitely a good massager! Highly Recommend.


Great value!

Juliana Ellis

It arrived very fast and in awesome shape. It’s a very nice massage gun and I love how it has 20 modes of speed for different levels of intensity. It really does pound out the knots in my muscles and the 6 attachments change how it breaks up those muscles too. It really is the ultimate weapon to feeling more agile and loose. I love it!


Someone recently bought a

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